wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

War gaming Victorian Science Fiction conflicts with 1:72 plastic miniatures.

Welcome to my VSF gaming blog.
Hope you find something of use here.

I plan to fight my battles with popular [and cheap !] 1:72 scale plastic miniatures if possible.

Rules wise, I bought "When the Navy Walked" as my first Victorian / Edwardian era rule book and I have to say I find it very interesting. The only problem I see is the small issue of converting base sizes and ranges from 1:100 to 1:72 since the rules were designed for 15mm miniatures.

You can learn more about WtNW on their website [http://www.whenthenavywalked.com/] and buy the rules online from Wargame Vault

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  1. I look forward to hearing how the rules and game works for you! Cheers!